Junior Programs
Junior Golf
Golf is a lifetime sport and by introducing your children to the fundamentals early in life, it will provide them with the building blocks to play for many years to come. In RCC’s Junior Golf program we offer a comprehensive learning program that introduces children to the game as young as three years old and continues to work with them, well through high school. By using a Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) approach and game based learning, we are not only working to build great junior golfers but also well rounded athletes!

Swim Team
The swim team at Riverton, “The Wave,” emphasizes having fun and learning to enjoy the sport. RCC swimming is a part of the Tri-County Swimming Pool Association Swim League and competes against other clubs in our division. Our Mini-Wave program is for our beginner swimmers and private swim instruction is available through our coaches and lifeguards.

Junior Tennis
RCC offers top notch instruction to improve your child’s game, as tennis promotes mental and physical health as well as fun, regardless of their level of play. We want our juniors to view tennis as a great game to be enjoyed for a lifetime. By building a good tennis foundation, they will be equipped to take their game to any level desired for years to come.

Camp Riverton
Camp Riverton offers an opportunity for children ages 5 to 12 to enjoy the campus and facilities at RCC. The four week day-camp program at RCC is the platform from which our younger members establish lifelong friendships. It’s a great way to learn through play, while having fun with friends and meeting new people. Camp Riverton coordinates golf, swimming, tennis, arts & crafts, group games and much more each day!